All together now: It’s time once again for another adventure on, "Back-in-the-Box."

    Listen up, people.  In a highly stunning development regarding news, this blog is about Coolers.  Not wine coolers, beer coolers, or Muskie coolers, as some of you were thinking, but rather, Water Coolers.  Yes, it’s an inherent worthy subject that clearly pertains to the gathering place for accidental ease-dropping on mondane gossip that people need you to hear.

     Up until recent times (right now to be exact) water coolers were largely thought to be merely the stuff of metaphorical euphemisms.  However, scientific people such as the author are now beginning to discover that they can be real, live things where people actually stand near!

    In a recent study, yours truly experienced this for himself, according to allegorical evidence.   After climbing the Corporate Ladder for 22 years without ever being near a Real Water Cooler, I jumped at a chance to finally have an Office Experience including one; and so, on a half-hourly break from my cubicle (the air can get a bit thin from time to time in my happy place), I stood right next to a not-too-late-model Aqualite.

     Then… are you awake?  Yes, then I drank the real water that you can get when you push the little blue button on top of the spouty thing (but don’t use the red one).  This was very important since I usually drink diuretics black, which means, in medical terms, you need to re-hydrate frequently.  It works!

      The problem was, no one showed up.  That was disappointing.  It has also led to re-thinking the Theory of Evolution.  It’s being hypothesalized that people may actually be de-volving.  Once they gathered together.  Now they reclusely hide in boxes making pecking noises with their fingers.  And all of this is a result of technology.  Take me for example.  My resume is at

     Tune it again.  I will, too, if they let me out.

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