You would not believe this.  I have actually heard that Some People consider themselves better than you and me.  Can you believe them?  This shows without revocation how the world is going to Pots.  Pretty soon they’ll be cutting in front of you in line, cutting you off in traffic, and cutting in the wind without any sense of moral conscience.  It’s like, what’re we going to do about Them?
   Oh, they know who they are.  They are the tricky ones.  You can tell by the way they justify their unquestionable actions.  I’ve even cornered them on this.  They say, why not?  There’s plenty of room there in front of you in your rightfully earned point in the queue where you were taking your turn without any anti-social behavior.  What makes you have the right to have gotten in line before them a long time ago anyway?  So how can you judge?  You don’t know their emergency to be home before the next episode.  Oh, they’re very crafty with the logic thing!
    But do not be discouraged.  Instead, we can unite.  Let’s not stand for this.  Let’s get up and put our feet down!  Power to the Polite!  Now we’re talking.  We can make a manifesto…
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